Polarised Screens

Northgate’s incredible Privacy Film revealed in action!
Have you ever thought that you need something that will prevent prying eyes looking through a window and seeing your computer screens? In some situations certain people need to be able to see through a window but when there are those that you don’t want looking through, it would be ideal to have something that would stop them from seeing anything. This is the exact solution that the Northgate team fitted at a hospital. You could see very clearly through the window but on the outside it looked like the computer screens were all black (as shown in the picture below).

This is an awesome solution, especially in a situation like at a hospital where you have to be sensitive to a patients needs and you don’t want people seeing inside a room e.g. in an operating or procedures room.


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What our customers say...

Thanks for fitting the blinds, they look great. Naturally others have noticed and would now like Dim Out blinds in their areas too!
I would like to thank you for your efforts and support over the last twelve months
Your fitter worked non-stop all morning. We are really pleased and the effect is just what we wanted- so thank you so much - all of you.
This is to certify that Northgate Solar Controls has achieved exceptional quality in the blinds and drapes package at the fit out of our renal facilities at Tottenham Hale
Thanks for this. Please do extend my thanks to your guys for a great job done and the quick turnaround
Thanks for fitting the Blinds on Monday, they look great
Your Service and Fitting staff were so polite & professional, they are a credit to you.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! we wish we had known about your product years ago.
It has proven to be a very challenging year, and it is acknowledged that without the support of you as a contractor, we would not achieve our completions for the year.
I would like to thank your team for all their work in making sure everything went to plan. Everyone turned up when they said they would, and cleared up after their work which was great