Every company strives to have dominance in a particular market and to be the business that their target market will turn to. Some fail but many do win through the use of their Unique Selling Points (USPs) or their customers preferences. The point is, when you reach 40 years of being in business it is definitely something to be proud of and realize that the hard work hasn’t been for nothing.

Northgate has been in business since 1976, offering a reliable supply and installation service to all sectors ranging from Education to Healthcare to Government and Construction. We now celebrate our 40th year of trading with a total rebrand of our company’s image. What a way to start the new year – especially with it being this significant. With the new life and enthusiasm that the rebrand has ignited within our team, we are ready to complete yet another year of exciting contracts where we can leave every client feeling satisfied and pleased with our work. With 40 years of experience behind us we are setting out to be even bigger and better this next year.

We’ve spent 40 years controlling solar glare and the safety along with privacy and comfort for our customers. Over this period of time we’ve innovated and introduced the supply and installation of Blinds, Curtains, Curtain Tracking, Brise Soleil and Shutters. We are now experienced suppliers and installers of all these products, ready and willing to help any potential client that comes our way.

Take the time to get to know us and you will quickly find out what an excellent and reliable service we provide!