You must check out Northgate’s Rear Projection Film! It is an ideal marketing solution and has a fantastic effect for a dark street where you can animate store windows, resorts, restaurants and nightclubs. The versatile, self-adhesive Northgate Rear Projection Film transforms store windows into a vibrant branding and promotions tool, by allowing video, static images and dynamic messaging to be projected directly onto the surface. Images can be read easily from long distances and all angles, even in challenging lighting conditions. Plus, the Northgate Film can be cut to any desired shape and size, reflecting, for example, company logos and brands. It is perfect for substrate mounted applications, indoor installations and specialty projects deployed in controlled lighting environments.

The movie-style pictures are projected from behind the glass surface, enabling them to be viewed by those passing by outside for added impact. The Northgate team have just fitted this film at a gallery where the client was very pleased with the overall effect and the way that it hardly looked like there was any film on the window yet it projected images very clearly. With the increasing use and development of technology you have to keep up so you don’t just drop out of the market. Maybe this is the answer to modernising your building or reputation. Why not see how Northgate can work with you to suite all of your requirements in the best way possible.